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If you like to recycle and save money you will love making this portfolio file folder kit up out of your old or new manila file folders. I had mine left over from my office days when we had an off line business.
I nearly threw them out but I kept them in a draw and I’m so glad I did, because I have found so many uses for them it’s great.

I wanted to make a portfolio for myself with all the little pockets in it for my ephemera, and when I made the pattern it turned out so good I created it as a pdf and a fcm cut file and made it available to put in my online website shop.
There’s a pdf download for KIT and that’s if you cut by hand cutting

If you have a ScanNcut machine you’ll want to grab the FCM cut file, it has the pdf file included in the zip folder, so you don’t need to buy this as well.
ZIP file format. for the download, this is so you only have to download one folder with many pdf files in that one folder.
You will need to download the zip folder to your pc and then unzip it (extract it) to your my documents.
it’s available now in my online shop here’s the link it’s great value for $4.75

PDF: portfolio file folder kit for hand cutting
includes the various pockets, and is perfect for printing and cutting out by hand.

FCM: portfolio file folder for electronic machine cutting (ScanNcut) includes the various pockets, the file folder itself is in the pdf instructions.

Video tutorial

how to make the various pockets
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