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Journal finished 5 1/2″ x 3 3/4″ (approx)
Pages optional —1 signature of 24 pages (48 total)
Designed by — Junk Journal ideas Donna Phillips
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Printable pattern — letter size, yes
Materials list — yes
Video Tutorial — yes
Photo’s — yes (password protected area)
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The NEW Beginners mini PRACTICE Junk Journal Pattern ©
digital product only

This course shows you how to break through your fears of getting started
by making a practice junk journal.

I think you’ll agree with me to build a house you need to get the foundations right.
Making a journal is no different. Build the base right and then embellish it when you
done. Make it in a day or two, it can be done but take as long as you need

This mini Junk Journal has faux hinges, this makes it easier to make it.
It also lays flat when opened, you will be making one signature keeping
that achievable completion view in sight.

It is very much a real workable Junk Journal, I show you how to start off by practicing
with plain white copy paper.  Then you can do your second one with tea dyed papers or designer printed paper.
This method takes the pressure of you.

Here’s what some others have said about the tutorial

Donna’s video course makes it easy to learn how to make your very first junk journal. I found it very easy to follow along her step-by-step instructions. I know I’ll be making more after this. They are so much fun!

Cheryl W Romance Author Australia

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What do I have to do now? 

  1. make your purchase, the link is up the top
  2. this tutorial comes with videos, photo’s and has .pdf colour coded patterns
  3. save your pdf’s to your computer
  4. print your materials checklist out
  5. print your templates out A4 or letter size
  6. follow the video, 5 part series instructions Youtube Playlist here
  7. there are some photo’s to compliment the video’s, that page is password protected
    you get that after you make your purchase
  8. Join my facebook group for support (optional)
  9. Practice, start making your junk journal

make this without going into meltdown…


it’s an instant download, (sorry no refunds on electronic downloads)
so you can get stuck in and start making it straight away.

Once you’ve paid for your download you will have access to the pattern and some detailed photo’s.
The photo’s are in a password protected area, and will be there for you to come back to whenever you want.

VIDEO: The photo’s work in well with the video tutorial that are in my Beginners Practice Junk Journal Playlist over on my YouTube channel,
Junk Journal ideas

I teach you by video how to make it, but I do it in a way as if your right there with me.
It’s different teaching from under a camera, and that’s something I’ve got an understanding of how to do.

Can I sell these as a made journal if I buy your pattern?

Yes! as a small craft business you do have permission to sell these as a finished mini journal at your local markets, if that’s what you do on your week-ends.
Or sell them in your Etsy, website shop, or however you sell. However Big Company Mass produced is not permitted.
My pattern is copyright © protected, you may not sell it.

The problems that most beginners have
can you relate to any of these?

  • getting Started
  • motivation
  • confidence
  • thinking of ideas
  • too many ideas
  • finding time
  • themes for my journals
  • sewing in signatures
  • blocked creativity
  • building a journal
  • matching papers and colours
  • being happy with the results
  • finishing
  • what to do with them when I’m finished
  • limited money to buy
  • watching Youtube rather than putting ideas to action

Is it time for you to learn how to make a mini junk journal?

I do work on helping you work around these struggles, that’s if you even have them? either way I encourage you to practice.
This mini junk journal is good enough to give as a gift or sell at the markets, you can do it!

My Parents were creatives (their crafty angels now) and I have been crafting all my life, so I haven’t experienced many road blocks.
I have to meditate to stop ideas coming into my head, my thoughts are always switched on.

I have this ability to help people and I love my job, crafting all day every day, HA! I know it’s a tuff Gig lol

Anyway back to this little junk Journal, If you PRACTICE you will be able to do this, I have confidence in you.

Believe in yourself

Put it this way, most people drive a car right?
At first there’s so much to think about, the accelerator, the break, the clutch the steering wheel… the others cars on the road the blinkers!!!  eeek, Remember what it was like when you learnt to drive?

You got through it right, because you Practiced…and now when you get in your car you don’t even think of those things. You just grab your keys and off you go.

The same applies with bookbinding, it’s no different, you need to Practice, make one of these books and i promise you the second one will be easier the third one easier again, by your fourth you will be comfortable and it doesn’t really matter about the numbers, how many practice books you make, because they are Practice books.

You wouldn’t try to learn to drive in a formula one racing car, now would you. that puppy would wrap you around a post!!
So don’t try to make a hollow back curved spine, 10 signature hard cover junk journal as your first book either, just saying.

You might be satisfied with only making one, and that’s ok.

If you use recycled cardboard cereal boxes, and white copy paper to make the first one or two, and you go, well they look alright!!
I might make another one.
Use the tea dyed paper and designer papers for the next pages, put a nicer cover on and build up from there. ( I will do add on video’s as time goes by)

This beginners practice Junk Journal is perfect to make for your first junk journal, agree?
then grab yourself the pattern, join my Facebook group for support and let me help you get your Junk Journal made!

value for $5.95 don’t you think, I worked hard to make up all the patterns and create the video’s and put all the photo’s in order to help you make a junk journal
so come on and grab your pattern right now, I know you will be happy with my style of teaching
plus i will support you over on my Facebook Group Junk Journal ideas

About Downloads
THIS IS A ZIP FOLDER you will need to know how to download a zip file to your computer and unzip it to get the files out and use them.
Please know i can not offer support to phones and tablets…there are way too many brands.
I can and do offer support to a Windows desktop PC
when you hit download, the Zip Folder link will be instantly available, do not close the page until you get you file.
If you close the page please go to my website and on the menu at the top look for ‘My Accounts’ your order will be in there.

see you there Donna Phillips 🙂
The purchase link is up the top, on the right
thanks for supporting me

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