What’s best, air dry or oven dry tea dyed paper? have you ever wondered how it’s done and which method you should use? Is hot or cold water best? I have made this video with all those answers and more. I’ve even found an alternate way to flatten the paper if it’s too wavey for you.

If you have ever wondered how to tea dye paper, this video is for you!


Want to know the difference between air or oven dried tea dyed paper, this video is for you!

Tea dyed paper is used to make pages in junk journals and travellers notebooks just to name two. It’s used because it gives a lovely golden brown aged or vintage look to you’re paper and that’s what makes it perfect for bookbinding and stamping images over top.

Paper that can be tea dyed

There’s  no waste when you tea dye your plain white copy paper either, because you can cut the pages that you need and then use the offcuts for stamping on and then hand rip around the edges to give a ripped look to what ever it is your creating.

  • 80 gsm white copy paper
  • new book pages
  • white copy paper with prints digi prints on it
  • dot grid paper
  • ledger paper
  • water colour paper
  • paper doilies
  • music sheets
  • canvas

What can you tea dye?

  • cotton fabric can be tea dyed
  • threads can be tea dyed
  • linen
  • lace
  • muslin
  • eggs, yes eggs lol
  • feathers