Curation Policy

If you have found that we have excerpted your content, it is because we have found value in your content and want our readers to discover and visit your website.

We here at at no time have claimed your content as our own or reproduced your story in its entirety, and want you to be more than satisfied that we have given credit, quoted and recommended your content by linking back to your website.

If you would like to use our content you can, however all we ask is that you be ethical and only reproduce an excerpt and do not use our stories or articles in full, or as your own, and give us credit by linking back to us using a live link, not just a text mention.

If you are not happy with us putting an excerpt with a link to you on our site, let us know and we will remove it as soon as soon as possible.


I am not a lawyer, I am simply an ethical content curator and believe in best practices in fair use.

Donna Phillips
Junk Journal ideas