Resources and Tools
recommended by Art Craft Crazy

Hey creatives if you are interested in knowing what tools and resources & services
I use here on my Art Craft Crazy website. I’ve put a list of recommended services that
I use myself and some I may not have, but, have come highly recommended by other creatives.

I will add to this list as i find more goodies

I use wordpress, it’s a free download and there’s lots of youtube video’s on how to install and build on it.
get the download here…

wordpress logo

before you build your website you need a domain name, I use Crazy Domains
you can registar your domain name here…

Com And Hosting


I use GVO for web hosting and have done for years. If I have any troubles with my wordpress site I contact GVO either using the Live support or by putting in a support ticket, and then wait if it’s not urgent. In most cases it’s fixed/resolved within an hour or by the time i get out of bed! they’re US im in Australia.  They’re fantastic in support, and that is vital when you have a website and there are things you don’t know, and that is why i have stuck with them for years.

you can can get hosting for 1 website or get a package if you are wanting to do affiliate marketing…


GVO Web Hosting


Web hosting plus more




NOTE: some of the links on this page are affiliate links and will earn me a small commission if you sign up to the services. This adds no cost to you and this is how i earn a little bit of money for myself because i craft at home full time. It’s also worth noting that the three resources mentioned on this page are resources that I’m signed up for and pay for, and use on a regular basis  — Donna Phillips Art Craft Crazy