New! out now, Clear Tag Template Set of 4
I’ve released my new product and they sold out overnight! how cools that?
Anyway I quickly reset and restocked and we are back on track sending out these
amazing templates all over the world!! Available in the shop now

Clear Tag Templates NEW !

What are Clear Tag Templates used for? 
These templates are made from a strong clear cast acrylic that can be used over and over again.
You use the templates as a ruler to trace or cut out your tag directly onto your cardstock or background card, that you want to make your tag out of.

The great thing is that you can see the paper design through the template, and you can cut out your tag
exactly where you want that image to be.

When you can see what you want to cut out, you can move your template around to find the
best part of your scrapbook cardstock, or your custom designed background piece also called a masterboard.
Go and watch my video to get some ideas on how I have used mine.

What are Tag’s used for?
A tag is a blank canvas for you to create a little work of art for your Junk Journal or Craft project,
you can even use them to make little tag shape junk journals.
Check out this video here 24 tag ideas for junk journals

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Available in the shop now Clear Tag Templates

For the first 20 customers rushed in and bought a set of clear tag templates and they got the early bird discount, and
a bonus sample pack of vintage style hole re-inforcers.
It also comes with a pdf to download and print, that is the heart mat piece as shown in the picture above.

For the next lot of customers between upto 50 they also took advantage of the early bird discount at $9.97 AUD plus shipping,
and a pdf to download and print.

Everybody loved the templates and we sold out overnight!
The price now is just $14.97 for a set of 4 tag templates plus shipping in AUD.
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: take advatage of our low AUD$ when you exchange from US$

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