DOWNLOAD your plans (measurements) for the mdf wood craft tray that I used in my video
these trays are stackable and have a number of storage uses…

how to make an ephemera file folder system!

its not only useful it has the looks too, a good looking filing system, really? yes,
Use teeny tiny little pegs to pin your labels on or altered paper clips
The file folders are see through so when you put your beautiful ephemera inside you have a pretty fancy desktop filing system in a portable tray
check it out for yourself… Another great idea from Junk Journal ideas on how to store little bits of paper 🙂

VIDEO: how to make the filing system 

Make yours today, the plans for the craft box are free, because I want to say thank you, to you for supporting my channel

I recommend this tracing paper, the laminate sheets and the TAB punch, items similar and the same as I use to make in my video demonstrations
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make your own handy portable trays, download the plans above using the FREE—PURCHASE button