This is a 9 piece Marriage certificate vintage envelope set
This is a printable item, no physical paper items will be sent to you.
What you get in a digital set it’s pictured here below, and I made a video showing you how to make it up  and use it in a few diferent ways.

These files are high quality JPEG files (300 dpi) and will be in a download Zip Folder. I made the paper sizes as A4, with an 8×8 and a 6×6 inch to print directly onto your favorite paper stacks.

What you get in your 9 piece set

  1. outline of the envelope with text and scroll A4
  2. outline of the envelope only A4
  3. outline of envelope with watercolour and text A4
  4. vintage envelope with text and scroll A4
  5. custom size 8×8 envelope outline with text and scroll
  6. custom size 8×8 envelope outline only
  7. custom size 6×6 envelope outline with text and scroll
  8. custom size 6×6 envelope outline only
  9. small vintage envelope 2 to an A4 page

VALUE for $1.97 take advantage of the low Australian dollar at the moment

vintage envelope set art craft crazy

All 9 Envelope templates are JPEG images, all but two have no backgrounds, no. 4 & 9. Which make them perfect for printing on any type of paper from plain tea dyed to patterned papers. Like 8×8 or cut down 12×12 inch scrapbook papers.

Envelopes can be directly printed onto these papers:

  • tea dyed papers
  • coffee dyed papers
  • digital quality 100gsm white paper
  • printed paper
  • 8×8 paper stacks
  • 6×6 paper stacks
  • 12×12 papers
  • painters masking paper
  • tracing paper
  • vellum

Paper Size:
custom 8×8 inch
custom 6×6 inch

Envelope Size:
Envelopes numbered 1, 2, 3 & 4 are approximately 175x85mm in size finished. Because all printers are not equal, when you printout you will get a varied result. If you print to the edge, full bleed. Full bleed printing is the technique used to achieve a “margin less” print. It will be fairly close to size. For instance your printer prints with a white border around your page, your envelope will be slightly smaller, but nothing to worry about.
Envelopes numbered 5 & 6 are approximately 142x70mm in size finished
Envelopes numbered 7 & 8 are approximately 109x53mm in size finished
Envelope numbered 9 are approximately 109x53mm in size finished

Marriage certificate vintage envelope set

Refund Policy
Because you receive your files as an instant download, no refunds will be given.

Your files will be available for download as soon as you have made your payment.
For best results, I suggest and show you how to set your print settings in high quality. I will also show you how to print directly onto an 8×8 inch sheet, in the video attached.

please use the blue link to get your download

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