Santa’s bakery Tags is a freebie Christmas gift from Junk Journal ideas Christmas 2020.
It’s been a short year, what I mean by short is that it’s gone fast.
It’s been the most unusual year I have ever experienced. It’s going to be hard for some families to celebrate this year because of the impact covid has had on everyone.

I just tried this recipe on the tag and it’s a bit wet and sticky, add a little more flour as your kneading it, before you put it in the refrigerator. I was a little too generous with the golden syrup too, don’t do what i did and put too much in. It makes it too wet and sticky when you are rolling it together at the end.

Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas is a difficult time for my family, not because of covid but because my sister and I lost both our mum and dad a Christmas apart. We also would have been celebrating my Mums birthday on 24 December, instead we have only memories to celebrate.

Best wishes go out to all my friends that I have made because of my craft that I share on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.
I thank you very much, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your small but colourful gift ?
Hugs Donna

Video how to print double sided tag

for your download use this Blue link here (download has been updated)

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