Over on Youtube Junk Journal ideas along with Your Creative Studio (now ended) giving away one vintage stationary subscription box, you’ll want one and I show you why.
It’s a monthly subscription box of vintage stationary, hand picked by Amanda from Your Creative Studio that arrives at your door when ever your heart desires it!!
There’s a new one out each month, so you can get some unique vintage stationary perfect for your junk journaling, travelers notebooks or planners.
Oh and they’d make a great gift that any crafter would love to receive.

VIDEO Tutorial: how to make a bag topper and a cool way to decorate a glassine envelope

psst Can’t wait… they’re popular order your box now! from “Your Creative Studio”

Get the printable here… Bag topper: Created by Junk Journal ideas
to get your bag topper printable use blue $1 Purchase button


another idea, use the template with washi tape like this



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