How to make envelope pockets from recycled junk mail envelopes. I have two styles of pocket envelopes for you to make using envelopes your husband might normally rip open and throw out, if you don’t get to them first!

I hope you give him a good talking to and ask him nicely to stop ripping them open and keep them in good order for recycling from now on lol.

This tutorial is perfect if your a beginner book maker, as it goes over how to recycle envelopes for junk journals free! their perfect for adding pockets to make a junk journal

Recycling junk mail envelopes style 1

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Climmie’s Creations

This second style of recycled envelope has a window in the front that doubles as another pocket, designed by Donna Phillips Junk Journal ideas

If your looking to make envelope pockets from recycled junk mail envelopes, your going to be happy you found this post because did i mention thy’re easy and cheap to make?
cheers Donna