Make these cute little gold foil tea light candle covers heart design for Mother’s Day. It’s the hot foil printing method using a toner printer and a Minc or a laminator. Download your Free printable of the paper wraps by going to the link below. I have done mine, with gold foil on brown paper, and some on printed and pink, they look so cute.

Tea light candles for Mother’s Day

They look amazing on a little tray for Mum/Mom for Mother’s Day or for her Birthday, and they look gorgeous on the table for an Anniversary dinner.

You will need some gold reactive foil, like Minc and iCraft deco foil. It’s easy to get either in store from Spotlight in Australia. I like to get it on sale because they are a bit expensive in there, or Craft Online have reasonable prices and fast delivery.

This pattern cover fits the Jumbo Tea Light Candles because they have a bigger print area and they last for 8 or 9 hours.
pdf printable:  gold foil tea light candle cover heart design art craft crazy

Laser Printer

The method is easy done, print the free pdf out using a laser printer, IT MUST BE A LASER PRINTER or it won’t work! you can get the print done at a service store like Officeworks if you don’t have a laser printer

Hot foil printing

Once you have printed it out, that’s when you’re ready to gold foil it.
I’m using my Minc today, but you can use your laminator if you don’t have a hot foiling Minc machine, it must be on the HOT setting to work.Once it comes out the other side its done, peel the sheet off and the gold will have stuck to the toner like magic!

Cut the gold foil tea light candle covers

If you have a guillotine, cut out the rows which I have marked out for you on the sheet.
Then pop a bit of double sided tape on one end of the strip and pull your gold foil tea light candle covers heart design tightly around your tea light candle, stick one end over top of the other and it’s ready to use.

Check out the Christmas tree design tea light candle cover I have created as well, it’s free to download and will be sure to get compliments and sparkle bright at Christmas time.