How to recycle a book cover if you’re going to make a Junk Journal. One of the easiest ways to make your own Vintage Junk Journal is to use a cover that’s already made.
Why? because when a book is made it has a nice hard cover and is already the size you want it to be finished as.
How to video: Cutting up Edith Holden part 1 recycle a book cover for a junk journal

In this how to video series I show you how to make a junk journal out of an old book. In part one I show you how to take apart an old book with a hollow back spine and separate the signatures so you can re-use the book cover and the pages of the book how ever you want.

Here I will show you how to choose the size book you want to get before you start.

Give some thought to what size paper is available in your country
is it A4 or Letter size 11 x 8.5 inches?
Once you know what paper size you will be using to make your junk journal your right to start, for this example i’m using A4.

if you fold an A4 sheet in half you get an A5 size book

An example if you fold an A4 sheet of paper in half you get an A5 size page, that means the size of the book cover you need has to be bigger than an A5, as shown in this diagram here
drawing of the cover + pagesdrawing of the pages







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About Edith Holden: Edith Holden was born in 1871 and was an illustrator and Author of the book that i used in my video The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady