Miniature passport charm for travelers notebook using real passport pages and the hot foil printing technique to get a realistic passport look.
It’s so tiny but you can still turn the pages.
It’s in the Junk Journal ideas shop now and comes with a lobster clasp in silver or gold and is ready to attach to your notebook or a journal.

If you don’t want to hang it like a charm and would rather use it as an embellishment, I have a glue down version with plain parchment paper or passport pages as well.

mini passport charms available in the Junk Journal ideas shop

  • if you like these mini passports and would like to re-sell the pre-made ones in your off or online/shop please contact me for a price
    • This is a Junk Journal ideas design (not a generic online google search one) and is copyright, you may not make them and sell them as your own

Free printable of the passport book cover for a limited time NOW EXPIRED

download PDF: Australian miniature passport Free for a limited time, offer now expired 
download PDF: USA miniature passport Free for a limited time, offer now expired
download PDF: mini passport brief instructions or watch the how to video above, offer now expired