faux food ration tickets


faux food ration tickets from 1943
perforate in between the tickets
and the edges to make them look more
authentic, and pop them in your vintage journal…
1 full sheet
1 booklet sheet
1 instruction sheet
A4 and Letter size printable
YouTube video


Faux food ration tickets from 1943 (digital product only)
perforate the edge of these tickets and in between each ticket to turn them into a
ticket that can be torn off like the real thing.
Check out my demonstration video here ‘faux food ration tickets’ on how I age the paper to get that vintage look and feel
then all you have to do is pop them in your junk journal…

If you don’t have a paper trimmer that has a perforated cut line on it check out the Tim Holtz
hand held rotary perforator tool. This mini tool would be handy to make the perforated lines
on any of the tickets you make for your ephemera.

When you print these faux tickets out onto white copy paper you end up with a white back right?
what I do, is use one of these digital coffee died papers to print on the back.

Printable coffee died paper pack

These Grungy_McGrungerson_Papers come in a printable of 25 different pages.
I use these a lot to print on the back of my faux designed printables, because they reduce bulk, and that’s
a good thing when you’re putting lots of goodies into your junk journal.

I know you’re going to love these little faux food ration tickets! they are simply a print, cut, age and staple, then your done project