teeny tiny mini tags are my newest addiction, and I love them. They fit anywhere and fill all the little places that we need to fill as junk journalists.

The tiny tag embellishments can be used on your stacks because you can make them out of your scraps so they match or not.

Did I say their cheap, they are and they’re easy to get ahold of or make. Cut them out by hand or use a die cut.

Mini tag embellishments

tags come in all shapes and sizes check out this one I made…

I made this particular tag to go in a journal that i made for a challenge. The challenge was set by “Nik the Booksmith” and it was called “the deserted island journal challenge”

I entered and I used an old vintage book cover that was 153 years old that was printed on a steam printer in Sydney Australia.
My entry is here… https://junkjournalideas.com.au/153YearOldJournal