Window envelope pockets are used in Junk Journals and are made from recycled junk mail envelopes. I have two styles of pocket envelopes for you to make using the envelopes your husband might normally rip open and throw out, if you don’t get to them first!

This tutorial is perfect if your a beginner book maker, because they’re perfect for adding pockets to the pages of your junk journal whether you made it, or bought it.

Make these envelope pockets on the cheap

Use recycled junk mail envelopes and left over scrapbook papers. The window slot acts as a second pocket and the envelope is the full width back pocket.

Download window template

  • printable download available in two page sizes A4 and US letter

This is another design that I made using a recycled junk mail envelope and covering it in scrapbook papers to make a pocket for my junk journal, check it out as well, I’ve made a how to video on this one too.

These window envelope pockets are easy to make and if you have any old envelopes tucked away in the draw, use them up because they’re perfect as the base to make these pockets.
cheers Donna