How to make a Paper flower embellishment from book pages. Save money, when you make paper flower embellishments yourself. They’re perfect for when you colour your backgrounds with distress inks, and then colour these little paper flowers with the same or matching colours to get a unique card or mixed media piece.

You can use delicate pages from phone books and dictionaries or old messy pages are perfect as well.
You can use flower petal punches to cut your petals out, or use my petal drawing free pdf which you can download and print out here.

pdf petal pattern: flower 6 petals pattern art craft crazy

When you make these Paper flower embellishment from book pages you will have lots of ways to use them, here are a couple of ways I used them with beautiful results.
these little cards were blanks that were given to my mum as swaps, so I can’t give credit to the unknown creators. They were a perfect background for these little paper book page flowers.