Make a simple toolbox for any side of ScanNcut machine and never lose your tools again. It’s compact, removable and won’t damage your machine. Fits either the left side of your ScanNCut or the right side. You’ll be that impressed with your little toolbox for your Brother Cutting Machine, because your stylus and scraper fits perfectly, and it’s so handy you’ll want to make one for each end.

ScanNcut machine side tool holder

Never lose your ScanNcut tools again! If you have ever lost your tools before and had to search under your card stock, only to find your stylus had rolled off onto the floor, you will want one of my easy to make toolboxes, for sure. Because it’s a universal fit you can put it on either end of your Brother Cutting Machine. Try using a bigger cylinder than a toilet roll center, if you wanted to store more tools.

On the CM900 there’s a storage tray behind the LCD screen, but it doesn’t organize it for me, because when it comes to laying down the screen you have to take the tools (scraper) out, and put them where? That’s how they get lost.

Toolbox for any side of ScanNcut machine

This got me thinking, there must be a tool box, a better handy place to put these two most used tools other than on the table? I’m an idea’s girl, so I pictured an idea of a little tool box at the end of the machine, a toilet roll to be precise.

If ever you think of an idea, chances are somebody has already thought of it. Sure enough, i’m not the person to think a tool box is needed for the Brother ScanNcut machine. However, the design and style of my toolbox for any side of ScanNcut machine is original.

I have come up with a very easy to make ScanNcut accessories holder with a video tutorial to show you how I made it, so you can make it too.

Make your own ScanNcut side tool holder, no pattern needed

This small ScanNcut toolbox can be made without a pattern. It’s made…from the center tube of a toilet roll. Pick one that’s a firm cardboard, rather than a flimsy variety. Otherwise you can just cover it with some light card stock before you cover it with your patterned paper.
I love my ScanNcut machine side tool holder and I hope this handy little tip helps you keep your tools in the right place and you can always find them as quickly as I do mine.

Oh, and did I say I LOVE my ScanNcut machine so much, I have another video that will save you money recycling “make cookie stencils using milk cartons”

Command 3m removable mounting strips

The tool box is also detachable if you use the double sided removable 3M poster mounting strips, they are fantastic and will not damage your machine. I show you how to use them in the video tutorial below, or on my YouTube channel.

How to make a toolbox match your Brother ScanNcut machine

follow along with my video tutorial on how to make your toolbox for any side of ScanNcut machine. Save the center tube of a toilet roll, you’ll also need some foam board or heavy cardboard, glue, and patterned scrapbook paper of your choice. I took a photo of the pattern on my Brother Machine so it matched.