This is an easy way to transfer a photo or text, anything really that you can print on your printer. Print it onto tissue paper and then melt it onto a candle using a hairdryer.
It’s easy to do at home and you don’t need several supplies to do it. All you need is a cheapy to print your own candle, and it turns out great!

I have made a couple of these candles because they are so popular and I really enjoyed making them. Watch the video and get some plain white tissue paper and get creating.

  • White tissue paper
  • White pillar candle
  • Digital photo to print on the tissue paper
  • Baking paper or greaseproof paper
  • Hand towel or a tea towel
  • Hair dryer

Print your own candle – transfer a photo or text

If you want to you can print text as your design rather than a photograph, or just to give you and idea, you could use a picture of a dolphin instead of a person or something like that.
Embellish the bottom of the candle with sticker gems, they look great and stick on easily. I even used a little bit of glitter glue on this Mom candle below. Be sure to err on the safe side of caution and keep your paper down low if you decide to burn the candle a little. If you are going to use the candle for decoration only, you could cover the whole candle with the transfer.





tissue paper 17gsm